Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Happiness makes you more happy

Happiness is the core to being healthy! Shows an English study by research. By studying 100 women and 116 men, scientists have discovered that happiness, means people simply have fewer harmful substances in the body than unhappy people. The study's showed that unhappy people had e.g. fibrinogen in the blood. A high levels of fibrinogen ­in the blood is considered, according to for the Swedes, an indication of future heart disease. In addition, the happy men and women also had a significantly lower concentration of clustering of stress hormone cortisone levels in the blood.

So being happy does have a impact on your health.

You can read about different research about how being happy is linked to living longer and reducing risk of developing heart disease here.

How to be brainy

I can greatly recommend that you take steps to generally improve your health in order to prevent or minimize the effects of age-related mental disabilities. For example, regular exercise, smoking, stop, and control of blood levels of cholesterol reduce risk of stroke and heart disease and keep blood vessels open, so the brain is fed life-sustaining oxygen and nutrients. You can also preserve the mental function by abstaining from drinking alcohol. This will help you stay brainy!

After reading this I should mention a article that you may want to read that should help you get or be rather more intelligent... how to become more intelligent

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Evidence-based medicine is not enough

Evidence-based medicine is not enough
"We need as physicians in different roles to ask ourselves about what we can and what we will and we must enter into dialogue with people, so the expectations are as a backdrop for the meeting between the doctor and patient can become fairly clear". Writes Knud Jacobsen, general practitioner on the Faroe Islands. He believes that the much debate, there is in these years around health care, primarily concerns the expectations of doctors. The highly scientifically oriented wing, who talk about "evidence-based" medicine, where everything has to be backed up by statistical science, have implications, which I certainly do not want to go, he writes. We can't professionalize ourselves out of the human obligation towards each other.

People work much better when they are subjected to pleasant odors

If an employer suddenly begins to spray Peppermint scent in the workplace, it is not necessarily because he/she think the workers smell bad. The American psychologist William Dember has revealed that people  on a regular basis.

William Dember has made an effort with students who were asked to solve problems that required constant concentration. During the trial he sprayed Peppermint in the air for 30 seconds every five minutes. The students worked 15 percent better than another group of students, who just sat in a usually smelling room.

Other experiments have demonstrated that people's mood simply gets better when they are in fragrant surroundings. They will be more cooperative and when easier to a compromise, if there is disagreement. We had hoped that people would be less stressed and worn out after a day in the fragrant surroundings, but unfortunately it has become apparent that the smell does not help on fatigue.

It is almost equally, what scents are used. It need not therefore have to be Peppermint, but however, it is a requirement that the people who have breathed the scent, likes it.

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Pinhole glasses to give you better vision

Pinhole glasses that can be worn to improve you eye sight. Did you know that much of your eye is made up of muscles that contract and change shape in different lighting conditions to make sure that your eye sight is as clear as it can possibly be? That is why it is very important that these muscles like any other muscles in your body stay healthy and strong. Over time the muscles may weaken with age so therefore it is very important that you keep them flexible and strong by exercising them. But how on earth can you exercise your eye? You cant exactly give them some weights...can you? Well no. But what you can do which is much easier than trying to balance weights on your eyes and much safer is by wearing pinhole glasses instead.
Pinhole glasses work! All you have to do is wear them each day for just around 15 minutes whilst doing something that isn't dangerous with impaired vision like watching the tv or reading a book... those activity's involve a active use of your eyes.
By doing this you eyes will be forced to focus more and the pinholes will focus light in a way that will strengthen your eye muscles and thus strengthen you eye sight.
It is quite clever really.. and all you need to do to get clearer vision is to wear some of these pinhole glasses. Zero effort or hassle how cool is that!

Also, another thing that makes pinhole glasses good is that it costs a lot less for a pair of these glasses than it does to have risky laser eye surgery. Compare £10 with hundreds of pound per eye for laser eye surgery! Do you see what I mean?
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Friday, 15 March 2013

Possible to grow taller?

Possible to grow taller? What ways can you think of to grow taller? Not many i am guessing apart from hanging from  a bar? Well if you stuck on thinking of ways you can use to grow any taller than you can always try some heel lifts to increase your height instantly. No kidding they really do increase your height these insoles have been purpose built so that you can adjust your height using stack comfortably without hassle or headache of wondering if people will see them because they wont because they'll be out of sight out of mind from you and other people.

Possibly using shoe lifts maybe the quickest and best way i can actually think of.

Thought of any other possible ways post below too tell me i am always happy to know.......